3 Bathroom Cabinet Styles to Choose From

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Your bathroom comprises three major factors contributing to its style and layout: the walls, floors, and cabinet system. If one of these mismatches with the others, your lavatory will contrast uncomfortably, making the room you spend a lot of time in seem uninviting and unrelaxing. Reimagine your bathroom design and create a better flow by considering our list of bathroom cabinet styles below. 

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Basic wood is a timeless and traditional choice among residents looking to upgrade their bathrooms. While some prefer a deep rich mahogany finish for elegance, others opt for a different stain shade, from a lighter natural wood color to a distressed style. 

The yellow plywood color matches brighter interior designs. However, distressed styles use a weathering technique to convey a rustic, vintage look, with different earth-tone shades coming together to make each piece unique. This style complements brushed metal attachments and fixtures and fits into a home with a farmhouse feel.

Metal Cabinets

If that brushed metal look appeals to you, consider turning not just the handles and knobs but your entire storage space into a vintage design. It's not only better suited for industrial-styled bathrooms with more grays, blacks, and whites than browns and reds, but it’s also the foundation for modern bathrooms.

Metal wall cabinets are also more durable than wood cabinets since they can withstand excessive heat and moisture constantly found in bathrooms without a protective varnish or lacquer. Simply pair the cabinets with a modern lighting setup, and you’ll have a contemporary look sure to raise your property value. Because metal can look overbearing with its pale, cold appearance, consider warmer tones to brighten the space.

Flat Style Cabinets

If you’re looking for bathroom cabinet styles that are modern to the max, flat-style cabinets are simple in appearance with clean lines and one uniform color. While white laminate is the most common choice for those choosing a bathroom vanity or cabinets in Phoenix, they come in various colors, wood stains, and finishes to suit their surroundings. 

If you’re taking the minimalist or modern approach to your bathroom remodel, flat-style cabinets are best, but they’re diverse enough to fit most home decor with little effort.

Wholesale Cabinets with High-End Feel!

From bathroom cabinet styles to bathroom vanity colors, every decision you make affects the turnout of your bathroom. 

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