3 Timeless Bathroom Vanity Colors For a Stylish Remodel

Bathroom Vanity Colors

When renovating a bathroom, most homeowners stick to the safe, neutral tones that tend to define typical bathroom decor. However, as trends change and evolve, your bathroom offers a great place to make some more daring design choices. 

When choosing your bathroom vanity, it’s essential to take into account your overall color palette. Your paint colors, vanities, and countertops should all work together to form a cohesive design, accentuating each other and not competing for attention. At Cardinal Wholesale Cabinets, LLC, we help you choose the best bathroom cabinets in Phoenix, as well as the vanities that fit your style and personality. Below, we talk about a few options for timeless bathroom vanity colors.

While many people think gray is overused in modern decor, it remains a popular color for bathrooms. If you love modern style, a gray vanity paired with stainless steel fixtures gives off a cooler, more industrial feel. If you want a softer, more inviting atmosphere, try “greige,” a blend of gray and beige. The beige undertones pair well with the warmer shades of a quartz countertop while still giving you a neutral palette for decorative accents.

Soft Blue

A classic soft blue color evokes relaxation, making it a popular choice in cabinet styles for bathrooms. No matter whether you prefer a modern or traditional decor theme, a soft blue always fits in seamlessly.

The right shade of soft blue almost looks neutral, allowing you to “play it safe” while adding a bit of gentle color. A great substitute for a white or cream vanity, blue offers a variety of undertones to complement nearly any countertop material. 

As with gray paint, the key to soft blue is matching the undertones to the countertop and paint. Whether you choose a light blue-green shade or a stormy gray-blue for your bathroom vanity color, our experts can offer any advice you need along the way.

Green Earth Tones

Like soft blue, earthy green tones bring a soothing feel to your bathroom. From pale sage to a mossy dark green color, natural green shades bring the outdoors inside.

For a more neutral look, a light green with gray undertones might fit the bill. For a jewel-toned pop of color, a deep pine contrasts beautifully with a clean white countertop. When your goal is an inviting, organic vibe, choose green earth tones paired with neutral or blue paint colors.

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