Bathroom Vanities With Open Shelves: Is It a Good Idea?

Bathroom vanities with open shelves offer many benefits, but is the style the best for your home? Storage space is integral to any functional bathroom design. Still, you might have difficulty choosing the best storage option due to the many available for bathroom cabinets in Phoenix, AZ.

If you want to enhance your bathroom space with new cabinetry, here are several reasons to consider installing vanities with open shelving.

Mood Lighting

A floating vanity under a dual sink for bathroom cabinets creates the perfect opportunity to include mood lighting in your bathroom, giving the room a soft, inviting ambiance. Installing the strip lighting above and over the shelf with motion-sensitive activation means the bathroom will have great lighting regardless of the time of day.

It's also a great way to draw attention to the cabinetry's design and any items you store on the shelf.

Exposed P-Trap

You might not think about using your plumbing as a notable feature of an elegant bathroom, but bathroom vanities with open shelves do exactly that by exposing the P-trap under the sink. The exposed plumbing is perfect for an industrial-style aesthetic, especially if you have chrome or stainless steel-polished hardware.

Vertical Shelving for Vanities

Bathroom vanities with open shelves are excellent for giving a small space an open concept without overlooking storage opportunities. However, you don't have to limit the shelving to the area under the sink or vanity. Vertical shelves next to a makeup station are great for housing baskets, spare towels, decor, and other items you want visible and within reach.

Basket Storage

Durable wicker baskets and other decorative storage bins are wonderful additions to an elegant or modern bathroom design. The baskets improve the room's visual appeal and are good for holding folded towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom essentials. Decorative baskets give bathrooms a neat, cohesive design while supplying plenty of room to neatly store your bathroom necessities.

Decorative Shelving for Bathroom Essentials

Most people like open shelves on a vanity for holding their essential bathroom items, like makeup, cleansers, towelettes, and more. You can still use these everyday items and open shelving to decorate the space.

For instance, consider putting your soap into antique glass dishes or dispensers that will look lovely sitting on the shelf. You could also group smaller items on decorative trays to keep them within reach while adding to the room's appeal.

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