Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The kitchen is one of the common gathering areas in one’s house. Families cook, eat and chat all within the space of their kitchen. Just like how the design of your house reflects your personality, having a kitchen designed to reflect your style can help you show your guest who you are. 

In today's world, seasonal trends are commonplace and can make it difficult to find your aesthetic. Whether you're on Pinterest or watching a home improvement show, you’ll find dozens of amazing designs; but many won’t be in style within the next five years. 

Going with a timeless design helps you maintain the longevity of your kitchen. As of 2018, the average length of homeownership in the US is 13 years. The homeowners that designed their kitchen with the trends in the early 2000s might find the Tuscan kitchen style has not lasted in the way some might have hoped. Homes being sold on the market often feature these old styles and leave new homeowners with some major remodeling. 

To not become a victim of passing trends, it’s important to consider having a clean and elegant design for your kitchen. Having high-quality cabinets that never feel outdated makes the life of your kitchen go far beyond 13 years. 

While colorful cabinetry is eye-catching, it’s hard to know how long a color will be in style. Colors like light blues and forest greens can make for a beautiful kitchen, but having your cabinets be the part of the kitchen displaying the color can lead to disappointment down the road. 

Replacing or staining cabinets is expensive and time-consuming. Painting walls, changing out light fixtures, finding unique and trendy dinnerware, tea-towels, or knick-knacks can help you make your kitchen current while still having a classic base with your cabinets. Bringing in color and personal style through painted walls, and unique backsplashes can be affordable to do since these aspects aren’t as strenuous to change.

Going with a classic cabinet design can make choosing real-wood pieces a more sensible choice. If you don’t have to worry about your kitchen cabinets becoming outdated, picking out high-quality pieces that don’t have to be updated can be the more budget-friendly option. 

Real-wood cabinets are going to provide you with long-lasting durability and quality that cheap, plywood cabinets can’t. Real-wood cabinets are beautiful to look at and age well. Real-wood cabinets can also help add to the resale value of your home. 

If you want to have a trendy kitchen, using a classic cabinetry style as the base can give you the best of both worlds. Contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles of cabinets, like the ones we offer at Cardinal Cabinets, help you make your kitchen work for you. Cabinets with glass paneling and open designs might look nice now, but can be hard to maintain and won’t always be in style. 

So what do contemporary, transitional and traditional mean when it comes to cabinetry? The three styles range in detail. Finding your perfect cabinet depends on what style you want to see in your home. 


Contemporary cabinets are known for their clean lines and sleek looks. They give off a minimalist aesthetic from the flat-front cabinetry and are sometimes coined as a streamlined style. 



Traditional cabinets are a common and easily recognized style. These cabinets are known for their embellishments which feature raised panels and line-work. Traditionally styled cabinetry is well-recognized and a common design for kitchens. 



Transitional cabinets can be a somewhat subjective style. They can be thought of as the middle ground between contemporary and traditional styles. Here at Cardinal Cabinets, our transitional cabinetry features some of the line-work associated with traditional styles but maintains the sleek look of contemporary styles due to the lack of raised panels. 

All three of these styles can help you make your kitchen classy while style feeling like you. Here at Cardinal Cabinets, our goal is to help you make your space into a reflection of yourself. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and our dedication to our customers and are here to help you create your perfect kitchen. 

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