Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2022

Picture this- you’re ready to update your kitchen for the new year, but you aren’t sure what designs and styles to explore. 

There are a ton of options, and you don’t want your home to quickly look outdated or unpolished.

Checking out some of the top kitchen cabinet trends will help you explore your options so that you find cabinets perfect for your home’s aesthetic and your family’s needs. 

Here are some of the top kitchen cabinet trends for 2022. 

Using Antique or “Old” Cabinets


Homeowners are increasingly repurposing their old cabinets or even purchasing used cabinets. The supply chain issues in 2021 are expected to carry over into 2022. 

If you’re worried about waiting months for cabinets, opt for vintage cabinets. Or, if your cabinets are still in decent condition, you can save money by painting or staining them to freshen their appearance. 

It’s a misconception that you have to replace all your cabinets when remodeling your kitchen. Instead, decide what storage needs and cooking spaces your kitchen lacks, and purchase cabinets to fix these issues.

For example, if you want lower cabinets with spaces conducive to food prep and cooking (like a pull-out cutting board or pull-out organizers for your pots and pans), you might decide to keep and revamp your upper cabinets and only replace the lower cabinets. 

Adding Pops of Color


Color is making a comeback in the kitchen. Kitchens that consist entirely of bold, colored cabinets may overwhelm the space.

However, when you combine a few vibrantly-colored cabinets with cabinets that boast a more classic look, the result is a contrasting, fun color palette that helps you show off your personality.

To integrate a pop of color into your kitchen, consider using colored cabinets only as upper cabinets. 

Or, use colored cabinets in a specific area of your kitchen, like the island or coffee nook.

Installing a Single Open Shelf


A kitchen that uses open shelving or floating shelves in place of upper cabinets looks light and airy, but you lose a lot of storage space. 

Open shelves are also a pain to keep clean. The items they hold have no protection from dust and grease splatters and require frequent dusting and scrubbing. 

A single open shelf is a functional compromise. You can use the single open shelf to display dishes or pieces that are too beautiful to hideaway. 

However, since you’re keeping most of your upper cabinets, you still have plenty of storage space. 

Choosing Cabinets Constructed from Natural Materials


Cabinets crafted from natural materials, like oak, mahogany, and maple, have been a popular trend for the past few years. This trend isn’t expected to change in 2022. 

Natural materials are preferred by homeowners who want to minimize the environmental impact of their cabinets (these materials often require less processing and chemicals) and lower the amount of chemically treated items in their kitchens. 

Look for wood cabinets in a hue that suits your style for your kitchen. 

Selecting Cabinets with a Handleless Design


Modern elements are anticipated to be a hot trend in 2022; this includes cabinets with a handleless design. 

The handleless kitchen cabinet boasts a sleek, minimalist look. To open the cabinet, you gently press the door. 

Recessed cabinet handles (handles that attach out of sight to the tops or bottoms of your cabinets) are another way to embrace this look. 

Installing Pantry Cupboards


Homeowners have opted to install pantry cupboards for the last few years, and this is expected to continue into 2022.

A pantry cupboard supplies a large amount of storage in a single space, making it easy for you to store all your food items in a central location. 

This helps with organization and streamlining the functioning of your kitchen. When exploring new cabinets, incorporate a spacious pantry cabinet into your design. 

Using Cabinets and Drawers That Conceal Appliances


Homeowners are turning to cabinets and drawers to conceal their small appliances and keep them off their counters. 

The fewer items on your kitchen counters, the easier it is to maintain a clean, organized space. Look for drawers and cabinets designed to hide the small appliances that you use the most.

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